Not By Chance: A Theory of Evolution Governed by Essential Law and Driven by Natural Effectuation

The Issue
The ongoing dispute about the teaching of evolution in the public school classroom continues unabated - no matter how many court decisions are rendered.  Regardless of which side of the issue you may be on, I think you would agree that everyone's goal should be to provide students with the best possible education about evolution at all levels of learning.  I firmly believe that for the goal to be realized, the teaching of evolution in the science classroom must include its metaphysical aspects as well as its scientific aspects.  The contrary argument has prevailed only because a theistic theory of evolution that can be taught as a truly scientific alternative to Darwinism has never been proposed. Not By Chance fills that void by setting forth a truly scientific alternative to Darwinism based on the truth that chance has no meaning to true science.

- Ron Dressman, author, Not By Chance

Not By Chance is unique in the manner in which science is linked to metaphysics. Evolution theory is opened up in a whole new way by dismissing the unscientific notion of chance as the driving force of evolution, thereby rejecting natural selection as a mechanism of evolution. The case is made, instead, for evolution driven by the necessarily law-abiding behavior of all of the matter and energy of the universe. A theory is then proposed for the evolution of genotypes that dispenses with the absurd notion of gradual phenotypic change.

About the Author
Ron Dressman is a retired chemist who conducted applied research in the fields of surface-water pollution control, and identification and control of contaminants in drinking water.  He completed twenty-seven years of service with the United States Environmantal Protection Agency and its predecessor agencies.  Ron received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Cincinnati with major fields of study in chemistry and biological sciences.  He has dozens of publications to his credit in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and has presented numerous of these and other papers at regional and national conferences.  This is his first book.

Prior to entering college, Ron served three years in the U. S. Army Security Agency and was schooled at the Army Language School in Monterey, California, in the Thai language. He was subsequently assigned to the National Security Agency at Arlington Hall Station, Virginia, as a translator. Not By Chance developed out of a long-standing, natural curiosity about evolution and what seemed to be obviously irreconcilable inadequacies in Darwin's theory.  Ron believes his detachment from the evolutionary science establishment gave him the advantage of being able to consider evolution outside the box of natural selection indoctrination.

Ron lives with his wife of 47 years, Carole. They have four sons and eight grandchildren. Ron is a true bibliophile, an avid bird watcher, an accomplished gardener/landscaper, writes poetry, and is heavily involved as a volunteer at the Catholic parish where he has been a member all of his married life. He feels especially blessed to be able to serve as a catechist to those interested in the Catholic Faith.  Ron considers family and friends to be his greatest treasures, and nothing gives him greater joy than the time he is able to spend with his grandchildren.